Bob Animals

Little Lucy in the Loo

Little Lucy was the best cat ever.  I knew that she loved to go outside.  What I didn't know was that she had gotten into the habit of using the bathroom outside.  That is until they were removing some trees in the backyard and we had to close the doggie door.

When I opened the front door and called for the dogs to come potty, Little Lucy ran out the door, and went potty!  When she was done, back inside she went.

She really was a great cat!  

Fat Cat Sat on the Mat...

Pudding actually sat on my computer and killed it.  Pudding was such a FAT cat.  Her belly looked like a cantaloup.  She would walk around the house and clean the floors with her belly. 

She must have been cold one day, because she curled up on my laptop, which was sitting on the carpet.  It didn't take long for the fan to become overheated and the motherboard to get fried. 

Silly cat!  A computer is NOT a mat! 

Playing with the Puppy

We were dog-sitting a boxer puppy.  My youngest child was putting his underwear on, and like any 5 year old, he did so by laying on the bed, putting both feet in the air, and putting on the underwear.

It was that moment that Petey aka Bob, saw my son, saw the underwear in the air, between his legs and thought, GAME!  He jumped on the bed, grabbed the underwear and started shaking wildly.  My poor son just screamed, which I guess Petey thought meant he was having fun.  I looked out from the bathroom and thought, this is my life.  I said, "Petey, stop!"  Petey stopped shaking and turned to look at me, with a mouth full of underwear.  The look on his face was like, "What?"

Now my son puts his underwear on standing up.  

Bandit the Sock Thief

We inherited a ferret named Bandit.  We changed his name to Bino, because, well, a bandit is a thief.  

We had Bino for several years and he loved to run around the house.  During this time I was convinced we had a sock monster who ate the matches to all our socks.  When we were moving to our new house, we pulled out the washing machine.  Underneath were hundreds of socks!  I had a theory.  I got Bino out of his cage and gave him a sock.  I've never seen him so happy.  He grabbed the sock and headed into the laundry room.  He crawled under the washing machine and deposited his sock.  

Silly Bino, he really was a bandit.  

Choice of Reading Material

I was in the bathroom and I heard this buzzing noise.  I couldn't figure out where it was coming from.  I looked everywhere!  I checked the window, it was closed.  I looked all around.  NOTHING, yet the buzzing continued.  I left and came back, still baffled at the buzzing noise.  I looked down and there in the magazine rack was a Bob Bee stinging the heck out of one of my magazines!  It was SO MAD!  Eventually, I was able to throw it out the window...critics!